I had the most wonderful day today. A good friend of mine emailed me a picture of some spring tulips this morning. They looked absolutely stunning with the sun shining on them.That was enough inspiration to get us moving.

We spent the day talking, eating baguette with camembert (memories of France?) – and painting those same tulips in my new studio. Such a good time, with good company.

I don’t know quite what I was aiming for in this painting, but I know I’m happy with it. I wasn’t going for some exact, perfect photo-type image like I would have once. I relaxed and let it flow. At the end I just started throwing reds, oranges and magentas all over the place, including the shadows where they surely shouldn’t be!

But who cares? I had a wonderful, relaxing day. And I have a painting for my wall as an added bonus.



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