With a new year comes new resolutions – or at least a determination to gain new strengths, both physically and mentally.  I’ve been playing around with my inks and favourite black and white pens to find a way to write this stuff down, and I’m sharing the process with the thought that others might like to join me. So here it is …

Step 1 – drawing the base lines

Very simple – thick A3 paper sprayed with my new Dylusions inks (oh, the colours!). Then out with the black Sharpie, and a few vine-like scribbles to divide my space up. The idea is to create little pockets to write in.


Step 2 – adding flowers

I have lots of paper that I’ve pre-inked with all sorts of rainbow colours. Here I’ve picked a few that really contrast with the apple greens – namely hot pinks, oranges and yellows – and punched them out with a flower punch. My new little flowers were attached with a basic glue stick.


Step 3 – adding messages

Out with the black Sharpie again, with my usual writing that is a little “not quite right” – big letters, little letters, all sizes – everything goes. The hard bit was just working out what I wanted to say.


Step 4 – Playing with the letters

I wanted to emphasize the letters a bit more, so I just went over some of them with the Sharpie, adding little accents at the edges, and making them more wonky – the quirkier the better!


Step 5 – white dots

I can never resist adding white dots with my white gel pen. Dot away!!


Step 6 – white “shadows”

Once I’m playing with the white pen I really find it hard to stop – so I didn’t … I love the 3D effect, so that means outlining and adding “shadows” – or maybe it is the opposite when you are using white? Anyway, this will certainly take a while – but just such a relaxing thing to do and takes absolutely no thought at all. Here’s a close up so you can see how it is going:


This might take a while, and then I’m already thinking about a matching rainbow full of actions – basically ways I can do the things I listed here …

I’ll let you know when it’s done!

PS:  Here is my finished pic made into a signed print – after a few days playing with that white pen!




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