Ok, so my Strathmore mixed media journal isn’t really made of gold, but the metallic paints meandering over the cover and the gold edges inspired by illuminated manuscripts have given it something of a reputation as a golden sketchbook.

This was the first sketchbook from our eight week trip to the fairytale places of Europe. I couldn’t believe that I actually managed to finish a whole sketchbook – a first for me. I was so lucky to have the time to just play, and so lucky to have a family that generously waited as I waved my watercolours dry or frantically tried to draw as the sun went down.

(When I say “finished” I really mean that I got something on pretty much every page. It doesn’t mean that I’m not revisiting some of the pages if I ever have time! I ran short of gold paint and time to let paint dry towards the end of the trip, so that is something I still need to do.)

If you are interested in seeing the pages closer up I have added pictures below. Click on any one of them to run a slideshow.

I will be sharing the second sketchbook soon, and I’ll share a few of the lessons I learnt during our adventure – including what I packed in the way of travelling art materials. I know that is something that always interests me!

I hope you like it 🙂

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