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My watercolour palette for 2019

I have spent weeks (possibly months) pouring over my collection of watercolour paints to choose a new palette for this year. The fact that it is nearly the end of May says a lot! I am nothing if...

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My watercolour palette for 2018

I am constantly asked to share the colours in my watercolour palette, but when you have this many that is easier said than done! I love to play around with different combinations, and I test new...

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Review of Moo’s cotton business cards

I love the idea of having a tiny art portfolio that can be carried in my pocket. Moo cards make that possible, as you can have up to 50 different designs on one side of the card, with one on the...

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Sketchbook tour – 2 weeks in Ireland

A big portion of my ancestry is Irish, so visiting Ireland for the first time was something I was really looking forward to. From sunny (and often not so sunny) Melbourne it was hard to imagine...

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Standing up for my floral friend

I drew this a couple of months ago. I really enjoyed the process, the experimenting and then playfully adding polka dots just for the fun of it. I never shared it because there was such a mixed...

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Drawing during the brownie ban

It's a bit rough when you are just trying to support your teenage daughter's future as a pastry chef and she bans you from touching the chocolate brownies that are sitting on the bench....

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Happy Carers Week 2016 – free poster

Please note that this poster was available for a limited time until 22 October 2016. Signed prints can still be ordered through Etsy. Happy Carers Week 2016 to all those family members, support...

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I’m an Australian artist with a passion for urban sketching and stories. I’m known for my bright colours, and I take my rainbows very seriously!


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