Sketching Brunswick Street, Fitzroy: not for profits and an explosion in 1910

by | Nov 14, 2020 | All posts, Brunswick Street Sketchography, Urban sketching

Fitzroy Library Exhibition 13 Nov 2020 to 31 Jan 2021:  Display Case 4

Cohealth and the Brotherhood of St Laurence snuggle up opposite the housing commission flats. I love the green building next to cohealth and the bright red flowers flowing from the window box nearby. These must have been built after 1910, because the previous buildings exploded! The pair of buildings on the corner are still there, although they have lost their verandahs and most of their decoration.

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WEB fitzroy brunswick street 083 087 Helen Wilding 2019

Artwork in display case

WEB SHOP Fitzroy Brunswick Street 077 097 print Helen Wilding 2019
WEB SHOP Fitzroy Brunswick Street 099 115 print 00 unsigned Helen Wilding 2019


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