2015w-Broken-Hill-Living Desert Helen-WildingMy husband and I were in Broken Hill for a few days while I ran some workshops, so during the evenings we dashed around to see the sights we had missed last time  – including the Living Desert just outside town. We had a few false starts as we followed a GPS which kept  insisting we should travel in the opposite direction, but we eventually found ourselves at the top of the hill admiring statues overlooking the local landscape.

It was a mild evening and there were only a few people around, but it wasn’t so easy to dodge the tourists popping in and out of my view. As often happens I became another one of the attractions which was a bit embarrassing, but who knows – maybe it will encourage someone else to haul a sketchbook out when they travel. I hope so 🙂

We arrived in time to see the sunset, so I knew I had to hurry with my sketch before it got too dark. I had watercolours splattering left, right and centre, so I’m not going to pretend this is a carefully thought out piece of work!  This is one of the twelve statues and is called “Under the Jaguar Sun” by Antonio Nava Tirado.



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