During winter weekends we tend to hide under our blankets in front of the tv and hibernate, but every so often we need to head out into the fresh air and shake our limbs out a little. There is only so long we can stay inside without going stir crazy.

The thought of fresh scones and cream was beckoning us too – as they automatically go with a trip to the Dandenongs outside Melbourne. It’s a nice, yet respectable, one hour trip, and we did our research about where to go for brunch. We figured that if we booked ourselves in for an 11am table then we would be forced to get ourselves out of bed. More importantly, we might coax our 17 year old out of bed too. It worked. First stop was brunch at, appropriately, Brunch. After all, how could we go past a place with a room full of books called the Snuggery? Oh, and the open fireplace right next to the table. Just perfect.

None of us ended up having the scones because there were so many other yumminesses which we shared, passing them around the table in a clockwise direction after we’d had a good chomp at them. We chose savoury toasted sandwiches of various descriptions, which were huge. With no room to move we had to postpone the scones until another day. Not a bad idea – we’d be happy to go back and that gives us a great excuse  🙂

From Brunch we wandered around the William Ricketts Sanctuary, which is another story, as many years ago his work inspired my grandmother to create some wonderful sculptures of her own. Then we made our way to the lookout at the top of Mount Dandenong. It was a little overcast, and there was a definite chill in the air, so I was only given about 5 minutes to dash this drawing off. No matter, it was enough to give me a reminder of a lovely day out.