Sketching The Esplanade, Darwin

by | 5 January 2011 | All posts | 0 comments

There are some gorgeous parks around Darwin. One of the things that struck me as soon as we got off the plane was the incredible bright green of the foliage – I can’t remember when a colour has struck me quite like that before. Maybe it is because we’ve experienced so much drought in Melbourne. I’m not sure.

After a bit of walking around in the Darwin humidity we retreated to this park on the Darwin harbour. Hiding in the shade under the trees I started to draw. My husband’s eyes, however, were on something quite different. He had spotted a touch football game … and it was just too much to resist. He left me to “watch the game”. When I tried to work out where he was watching from I realised that, true to form, he had managed to get himself into the middle of the game. He was having a ball (literally)!

My husband, being a shift worker, is a great one for nanna naps. He can fall asleep any place, any time. So in a hot sticky place like Darwin, especially after a game of touch footy in around 40 degree heat (celsius) … he felt it was time for an afternoon siesta.

I can’t nap. I can barely sleep at night, let alone during the day. So what, exactly does one do in a hotel room while their partner snores? Draw the view out the window, of course …

And then it was a dash back to the same park to see the sunset. We were running a bit late, so this was my attempt to capture the view in about a 2 minute timeframe, with paint running everywhere!