No it definitely hasn’t! Here I am in a chilly Melbourne in mid June with the heating on full pelt, thinking fondly of days when the weather will warm up again. I’ll admit I can’t really complain. It’s all relative. I did live in Canada for a year after all, where the wind chill factor got down to around minus 40 degrees celsius in winter and then it went back to positive 40 degrees celsius in summer – how over the top was that? So whining about a measly 10⁰C makes me look like a bit of a sook.

Anyway, back when spring really had sprung, around September last year, these gorgeous tulips popped up in my dad’s garden at Queenscliff. They were clearly begging to be drawn.

It was a gorgeous day in the garden. Not too hot, and not too cold. Just right, as Goldilocks would have said.

So I whipped out my Hahnemühle sketchbook and trusty Uni-ball pen and crouched down to do my best. It was definitely no hardship to sit surrounded by those blooms.

I’ll admit I oomphed up the photo of my sketchbook page a little for its portrait below. Sadly, the off white paper in my sketchbook tends to suck in the colour when it dries, and I wanted to get back that freshly painted feeling that adds a little sparkle to my day! Needless to say my final prints are in all their brilliant colourful glory!!

And now? Well I’m off to stick my wheat bag into the microwave to warm my cold little tootsies! Bring on spring!