A big portion of my ancestry is Irish, so visiting Ireland for the first time was something I was really looking forward to. From sunny (and often not so sunny) Melbourne it was hard to imagine the accents, the brilliant greens, the castles (yay CASTLES!!) and the history that my own family had lived through – the potato famine, the workhouses, the poverty, the convict ships and equally the  determination to survive that they carried to Australia with them.

This is the tiny sketchbook I filled during our two weeks before we flew on to Scotland. It was my first test of a Hahnemuhle watercolour book, and now I have to say it is my favourite sketchbook. What’s not to like about the A6 pocket size I could carry everywhere, the lay flat pages, and the way it liked my chosen pens and paints?  Oh – and the elastic band that held it closed in my bag. It ticks pretty much all my boxes. See what you think.



  1. Helen
    Great pictures …I enjoyed the watercolours of the aga and the Quays in Galway. Did you get to Cork or Belfast ? Una

    • Thanks Una – we didn’t get to Belfast and we just zipped into the city of Cork for a few hours so not long enough to draw. We had a few nights in Cobh though which was pretty stunning!

      • Just discovered your artwork, and I love it!

        • Thanks so much Lisa – I have a lot of fun making it!


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