My 16 year old daughter is a fantastic baker, and this week she decided she would set herself the task of working through an entire cookbook and blogging it. Being quite keen on desserts, I was happy to browse through the bookshop with her until she found the Australian Women’s Weekly Baking Collection. Yum … To support her (and do something I enjoy anyway), I said I would draw everything she bakes from it – so it is now a challenge for both of us. What I didn’t realise was that three days later she would already be on to her second recipe and I would be beginning to wonder what size I might be by the end of the year!

Anyway – on Saturday Beth cooked her first ever macaroons and they were fabulous. I didn’t do justice to how they looked here, but I feel it catches the happiness of the moment when I sat down with a good friend to draw them (and eat the evidence). I have to laugh at how wonky everything is, and how little I mind that. I used to spend many hours on making things look just like a photo, but that time is long gone. Now I just want to share the fun of the moment. I hope that comes across.



  1. That is soooo cool!!
    Hope there are only yummy recipies in there!

    • Sure are 🙂 And yes we will enjoy!!

    • made me feel good to read your comments—lovely work…I do admire so much !

      • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy it 🙂


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