Urban sketching in Quissac, south of France

by | 19 October 2012 | All posts | 0 comments

We decided to eat out one night in the local village of Quissac.

We had been in several times, and each visit it seemed completely different. We had browsed the local shops most mornings, attempting to speak French (in my case extremely badly) while buying some terrific delicacies. The local shopkeepers laughed and helped us out with our pronunciation. So much for the old image of French people being arrogant. We had the opposite experience – lots of laughter, kindness and generosity, with people going far out of their way to help us out.

Market day was my favorite – I loved browsing the stalls and the offers of “un petite cadeau?” when buying small gifts. It took me a while to realise they were offering to wrap my goodies in beautiful little boxes with ribbons or I would have accepted more often! My favourite purchase was a handmade Fimo necklace which is quite whacky but goes with almost everything I wear.

Anyway – back to the night I drew this picture ….! We managed to pick the one night when all the restaurants were closed, but we eventually found a takeaway pizza place, and decided to take our purchases down to the riverside to eat. They were pretty special pizzas – gourmet indeed and with toppings we could never imagine back at home. But the tricky bit? They weren’t cut into pieces – something we weren’t expecting! So we ended up having to delicately rip off hunks of this gourmet pizza while pairing it with a nice glass of red. We were pretty messy by the end!