Drawing the Pyjama Day Rules

by | 12 May 2015

Pyjama Day Rules. Signed open edition fine art print, Helen Wilding, 2012.

I spent Mother’s Day on the couch with my 17 year old daughter watching Masterchef and Elementary. We had the chocolate (peanut M&M’s), the fluffy blankets and the dog snuggled up between us. We had morning tea, lunch and dinner lazing on the couch. We doodled and drew. We occasionally flipped a channel over or stood up for a loo break, but movement was minimal. We could so easily have declared Mother’s Day a Pyjama Day but, alas, I insisted on going out for a little stationery therapy early on, and pyjamas didn’t seem quite the right look for Officeworks.

My daughter hung in there though, sticking to her comfy PJs all day, and it was rather lovely to think back a few years to when we first agreed on our Pyjama Day Rules, which I am sharing again below. A lazy day together is still special – especially when I am treated to polka dotted rainbow fingernails. I want to enjoy every minute of this precious time while I can, because it isn’t likely to last much longer. Bring on the hugs and cuddles!

At 17, and in year 12, I often remind my daughter that every day cannot be a Pyjama Day. She just shrugs and looks at me in that way 17 year olds do. And stays in her pyjamas 🙂

Drawing the Pyjama Day Rules