Sketching Paris from the window

by | 22 October 2012 | All posts | 0 comments

Unsurprisingly, this was my last journal entry for France. We got to Paris and the last five days of our trip went by in a flash.

I was pleased with our conference presentation. Proud just to be there really, although still shocked that I got to go. I never imagined it was something I could do, having always been terrified of public speaking. But lately I’ve managed to do a lot of new things, and I’m pretty pleased with that.

This was some of the view from the balcony of our fifth floor apartment in the Latin District. There was so much to draw, but I just didn’t have time to finish. Amazing view … but an awfully long walk up those stairs! (Here’s a hint – if you ever rent an apartment in Paris, ask if there is an elevator …)