My 14 year old angel – a mixed media painting

by | 13 November 2012 | All posts | 0 comments

This is how I see my beautiful fourteen year old daughter (most of the time – after all, she IS fourteen …!)

I was inspired by the work of Kelly Rae Roberts, who contributed step by step instructions for an affirmation collage (like this one), in a book called Art Saves: Stories, inspiration and prompts sharing the power of Art.One of my friends was feeling very nervous about leaping into the world of art, so we followed the instructions together. It opened up a whole new world of multi-media for me – and started my collection of beautiful Japanese papers to use for collage. I love their rich reds and golden sheen.

I went on to do a number of other pictures along the same line, although Kelly’s trademark angel wings got lost along the way, and the techniques have just been incorporated into my own style now. I love how you can get a little bit of inspiration here, a technique there, and make it your own.

My 14 year old angel - a mixed media painting