Sketching Leonie’s chrysanthemums

by | 21 July 2015 | All posts | 0 comments

Good friends who understand how things are with little explanation. The solidarity in having “been there”. That’s what these flowers remind me of. A gift of the most enormous bunch of chrysanthemums which seemed to tower over me. Lamingtons. Fruit bun. Coffee. Hot chocolate. A chat between friends who simply understand what life can toss you, and who can share a laugh at the most unlikely of times.

The next day. Another friend. Quiet, supportive companionship. Watercolour. Colour pencil. A bunch of flowers to pose. Such a wonderful atmosphere to relax, and let your cares float away. Concentrating on the shapes of the leaves. The shadows cast by the petals. The shape around the outside, in and out, bump after bump. Stopping to be in the moment. That’s what these flowers mean to me.