Sketching Lameroo beach, Darwin

by | 5 January 2011 | All posts | 0 comments

Beaches in Darwin are a bit different from the ones at home in Victoria. They don’t seem so different at first – until you hear about the crocodiles that like to sunbake on the sand … and how it might not be the best idea to go swimming.

I was a bit nervous sitting on this beach – there seemed to be a bit of a twitch in my neck which made me keep looking around … just in case …!

What really struck me about the place were the trees that were growing right in the water – it was really bizarre. The beach was deserted other than one lady walking up and down beachcombing. Apologies for the shocking picture of her – she looks more like a giant wombat walking with flippers on!

Sketching Lameroo beach, Darwin

Then a couple of Japanese tourists came down the steps – and from the whole beach that they could have chosen they felt that they had to move in right next to us. Obviously we had chosen the perfect square metre. I started to feel a bit uncomfortable when I realised that it was my sketchbook that was the attraction – I looked up to see this man’s beaming face looking keenly down at what I was doing. I finished off very quickly …