Holding my baby safe – a pencil drawing

by | 13 July 2011 | All posts | 0 comments

Holding my baby safe - a pencil drawing

I was admiring Misty Mawn’s blog for the first time yesterday, and was touched by how she talked about her children. It made me think back to those wonderful days when my kids were young, and everything was so innocent.

It was such a different world, filled with homemade cookies, paintings of teddy bears and rainbows, and lots (and lots and lots) of cuddles. Now they are teenagers who tower over me! But I still get cuddles from my 13 year old daughter, and I’m going to grab every one I possibly can. They can’t last much longer, and I’ll miss them so much when they disappear.

I drew this picture of my beautiful daughter many, many years ago now, but I still feel the same about her. She was the softest, most snuggly baby. I suppose in many ways she hasn’t changed that much – except now she can flatten me when she sits on my lap!