Sketching Brunswick Street, Fitzroy: rooftop bars and bendy buildings at Johnston Street

by | Nov 14, 2020 | All posts, Drawing Brunswick Street

Fitzroy Library Exhibition 13 Nov 2020 to 31 Jan 2021:  Display Case 8

Spin around the corner of Johnston and Brunswick Street and you’ll see something completely different to draw in every direction. Change your view in a rooftop bar, and the world shifts again. That impossibly bendy IOOF building just never seems to make any sense, whatever the angle, but it and the old post office are still the landmarks they were in 1911.

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Artwork in display case

Corner of Brunswick and Victoria Streets, Fitzroy. Signed open edition fine art print, with artist notes, Helen Wilding, 2020.

Gallery – history



  1. Wonderful sketches of Fitzroy buildings and streetscapes. They reflect our history our people and the pandemic impact.

    • Thanks so much Martin – I’m glad you had a chance to visit 🙂


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