A couple of months ago my husband and I did something delicious – we spoilt ourselves by running away from the children for the first time in about a decade.

(Yes, we did leave a tame grandmother to cook them “real food” – like lamb roasts, freshly made lasagne and other truly grandmotherly stuff. I think our daughter was a tad disappointed when we came home in fact …)

Anyway – we ran away for five whole days all by ourselves. We flew to Darwin and proceeded to completely spoil ourselves without the tiniest twinge of guilt. My idea of a true holiday is to be able to sit uninterrupted with my sketchbook, interspersed by visiting craft markets and eating yummy food. And I got to do it all. The drawings may not be brilliant, but I love how they remind me of the things we did, and what we saw.

These were drawn at Litchfield Park – the scenery was fantastic, and I just wish the weather had been better for drawing. I didn’t have much time to do the watercolour sketches in between dodging raindrops. I think the colours got a bit muddy, and I would have liked to have made the waterfalls clearer. Maybe a bit of opaque white could have come in handy. Oh well.

Darwin ended up being quite a good sketching trip for me. I’ve got quite a few more pictures to stick up, but for some reason my little netbook is going at a snail’s pace, and I don’t have the patience for it anymore tonight.

But I wanted to get SOMETHING on to this blog, because it seems so naked! I hope it doesn’t bore any visitors to tears …