I am a very impatient person – just in case you didn’t know. My friend calls it being an “instant pudding”, which is something I can definitely connect to. I want results IMMEDIATELY – ho ho ho.

I’ve been thinking recently about all those baby steps we need to take before we can get where we want to go. In order to start a journey – any journey – we need to make those first, scary moves (or maybe it is just me that finds them scary?)

Baby steps. Signed open edition fine art print, Helen Wilding, 2012.

In the case of art, it is about taking that first tentative step of picking up a pencil and putting marks on paper. Not giving up when we feel we can’t get it right, but just keeping on keeping on.I remember all the times I ripped up drawings, feeling they were absolutely disastrous because I hadn’t got them quite “perfect”. I didn’t want anyone to see.

I see my daughter do the same thing now (and her art teacher was not pleased …). But I can’t really blame her, can I? Because at the time you can’t see that this is a journey you will want to celebrate later on.