I was pretty chuffed when I was recently approached by Annika Lundkvist to become one of the Friday feature artists on her website, Pedestrian Space. Obviously I checked out the other artists and they are fabulous, so I feel very honoured to be sitting online amongst them!

Urban sketching is of course all about drawing on location, often (but not always) in city environments, so as a breed of artists we are a perfect fit for promoting pedestrian friendly places.

There were the expected questions about my artwork, mediums and favourite places to draw (no prizes for guessing that), but there were many more questions that Annika asked that got me thinking a bit more deeply:

  • Does your city or town of residence inspire your work?
  • What is the relationship between the city and your art? Does urbanism influence your work?
  • What challenges, as well as opportunities, do you see with issues of walkability in your city?
  • What are your thoughts about sustainable urbanism in your local region?

If you are wondering what on earth I said, go check out the interview at https://pedestrianspace.org/friday-artist-feature-helen-wilding/

While you’re there, don’t forget to browse the other excellent content!