If you have never seen Danny Gregory’s video “The Art of Breakfast“, check it out right now. Danny is the author of “Everyday Matters” and has inspired many thousands of people to take notice of the basic things in their life – and draw them. I watched this video with my friend  Anne, and then we sat down to follow Danny’s example and draw our lunch. Of course we ate some of those sausage rolls first, but saved a few for posing purposes!

What I particularly loved was sharing the experience with such a good friend, and watching how she settled into drawing those sausage rolls. Considering that she was the one who was a complete beginner, why was it my sausage roll that looked like a chicken drumstick, and hers looks like someone cut and pasted it onto her page? I thought it was quite phenomenal how accurate her drawing was when I took a photo of it in front of the sausage rolls! (You can see Anne’s very first sketch on the right – isn’t it amazing???)  And yeah, okay, my own version look a little like they have gangrene … but hey, I had fun!