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“You’re not serious?” she said, as she looked at my rainbow shoes and rainbow pencil case. “I certainly am” I replied. Yep, I have a bit of a rainbow obsession, and pretty much everyone who knows me can verify it.

Colour is my thing. I love drawing in pen and ink, but nothing really comes alive for me until I add a layer of bright colour. I wouldn’t pretend to be a traditional painter – my colour mixing tends to be more accidental than planned, and if I can buy a tube of bright paint that makes me feel all shimmery inside then I’ll get it. I’m happy to take short cuts 🙂

I am a Melbourne based artist, and proud to be a “woman of a certain age” with grown children, both happily brainwashed into becoming artists themselves.

That job done, I now have the freedom to take long holidays to travel with my very patient husband. Oh, the number of hours he has sat down beside me with a coffee or two or three and his kindle to fill in time while I pull out my sketchbook to start drawing the scenery in front of us. Then, just as he thinks it is safe to go, I pull out my watercolour palette, and he has to get another coffee. He describes my urban sketching as “going analogue”. He’s a good man.

One of the best things about going away, of course, is coming home again. And boy, am I lucky to live in Australia. Traveling overseas as a tourist has opened my eyes to the beauty of my own country – this amazing place which has been sitting under my nose the whole time. It is so easy to take things for granted, isn’t it?

I have especially fallen for the quirkiness of Bruswick Street, Fitzroy, home of Melbourne’s number 11 tram, hipsters, Victorian architecture, and no end of amazing cafes. In fact I love the place so much that I started a long term project to draw (and eat) my way up the whole length of the street over what will no doubt be many years. 

I call it my “Brunswick Street Sketchography” because I want to include not only sketches and watercolour streetscapes, but research into the local history of the area. That’s where my experience as a research librarian comes in. Or maybe it’s just a general nosiness. Whatever – I am having a ball delving into the old newspapers and vintage photos available on Trove – Australia’s National Library. I especially love finding a good scandal 🙂

Speaking of libraries, that’s my other job. I work as a medical research librarian. I love it because it nicely balances the left and right sides of my brain. It’s very satisfying. My week is full of different experiences. With so many things to learn, I can’t imagine ever being bored.

Part of my job is a specialist role in mental health – another area I am passionate about.

I have been a long term advocate for partnership between people with a mental illness, families and practitoners. When I couldn’t find the resources I wanted, I decided to make them. I illustrated the experience of mental health carers and families through the Caring Together Art Journal Project, a decade long self funded project. I created a website with over 120 illustrations, stories, videos and posters aiming to educate mental health workers about family friendly practice and to help other carers feel less alone. I feel very proud of what I achieved and learnt in the process. I was invited to present my work at conferences in Australia and overseas, and also to run workshops and exhibit. I even got a trip to Paris to present at a conference (which started my travel sketching habit). Not bad for one individual who just couldn’t find what they wanted.

That led to nearly five years in creative development and research roles for a self efficacy and wellbeing program. It fitted perfectly with my passions and experience.

All while still working as a librarian, of course.

And now? Well I’m just taking time to enjoy the moment. And recording it in my sketchbooks. I am so lucky.

You might spot me out with my sketchbook in your area one day. You’ll know who I am. I’ll be the one in the rainbow shoes.



  1. Jan Barrand

    What a fascinating life, and interesting how life draws us all along certain paths. Curious too – my background as librarian (some time in medical ), with decades of travelling, and always trying to satisfy the only partly fulfilled aspiration to become a passable artist. People passing on streets, corners, trains – and the Internet. Nice to be introduced to you Helen, through my lifetime friend Dianne Colk 😊

    • Helen Wilding

      Thank you Jan – lovely to ‘meet’ you too! There seem to be a lot of librarians who are also artists- I reckon it’s a pretty good combination 🙂

    • Sarah Baldwin Weissman

      Hi Helen! I love my new TWSBI fountain pen! Thank you again for recommending another wonderful treat for vast collection of ever art supply ever made! 🤣 I’m trying to limit all the things I carry around with me (it’s getting ridiculous) anyway, I have a wonderful ink and I love the way this pen is easy to refill. Keep posting and someday I may have practiced enough to have the confidence to post among amazing talent like yourself! Take care! Sarah

      • Helen Wilding

        I’m so glad you are enjoying the pen Sarah – it’s so much fun sharing our discoveries and I hope it inspirea you to get out there and play! Thanks for your constant kindness and support – your message was just lovely to see when I woke up this morning 🙂


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