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Family tree calligraphy and my convict ancestors

I spent about six months in 1994 drawing up this family tree for my mum. She had done all the research over many, many years, the slow and painstaking way, long before anyone dreamed up ancestry.com! It was before my now adult children were born. I worked Monday to...

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Standing up for my floral friend

I drew this a couple of months ago. I really enjoyed the process, the experimenting and then playfully adding polka dots just for the fun of it. I never shared it because there was such a mixed reaction from a few people - it is something you either love or hate...

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Edinburgh – through the red velvet curtains

When Beth googled "magical places in Europe" to visit during our big adventure, I noticed a shift in my thinking. It wasn't just castles that seemed magic, but it was like there was some indefinable sparkle in the air where almost anything seemed special. I suppose...

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Drawing during the brownie ban

It's a bit rough when you are just trying to support your teenage daughter's future as a pastry chef and she bans you from touching the chocolate brownies that are sitting on the bench. Especially when she has just called for help in setting up a brownie photo shoot...

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Happy Carers Week 2016 – free poster

[Please note that this poster was available for a limited time until 22 October 2016. Signed prints can still be ordered through Etsy] Happy Carers Week 2016 to all those family members, support people and unpaid carers who do so much for others. Thank you. Thank you....

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How to make a video sketchbook tour using an iphone

Am I the only one who excitedly grabbed my iphone and filmed a sketchbook tour only to find that the video stood sideways on its tail? This will probably be one of those β€œduh” moments to the more mobile phone oriented amongst us, but I struggled with working out how...

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Robertsbridge and the land of my ancestors

My mum was a very keen genealogist, and long before the internet she spent years researching our family history in person, gathering birth and death certificates, visiting cemeteries, hand searching shipping records and writing letters to potential relatives. It was a...

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The Netherlands – my childhood home

I figure that I am spiritually about 10% Dutch. I lived in Holland for six of the first ten years of my life, and I have wonderful memories of that time – memories that have been soaking back into my veins and reclaiming my soul since the minute we stepped on a KLM...

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