About Helen

I am a Melbourne based artist and I juggle a number of different jobs during the week which nicely balance the left and right sides of my brain. As an artist I am most well known for my work in the areas of mental health and wellbeing. I love brilliant colours, mixed media and art journaling.

In addition to my artwork I work as a medical librarian specialising in mental health, and for many years I have actively advocated for partnership between mental health carers, consumers and practitioners. I do this by sharing the carer perspective through artwork and stories, presenting at conferences and creating online resources, including a website called the Caring Together Art Journal Project. My creative work, carer advocacy and research roles have recently led to my engagement with Frameworks for Health and the Optimal Health Program. Being creatively and academically involved with a program which promotes self efficacy and wellbeing fits beautifully with my passions and experience. Oh the possibilities!

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