Welcome! Please join me as I explore my world through the use of art journaling, pens, paints and splatters in all the colours of the rainbow. I love rainbows. I collect them (ask my family). Maybe it is because rainbows show such beauty and promise after a drenching downpour. That says a lot.

Life isn’t always easy, but it has taught me a lot – especially how to appreciate the small joys around me. Sitting and sketching the detail in front of me takes me away from my worries and lets me focus on the moment. Pulling out my watercolours and sploshing a page with hot pinks, purples, limes and yellows brightens my day – literally. I hope my work brings joy to you too.

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Sketchbook tour – 2 weeks in Ireland

A big portion of my ancestry is Irish, so visiting Ireland for the first time was something I was really looking forward to. From sunny (and often not so sunny) Melbourne it was hard to imagine the accents, the brilliant greens, the castles (yay CASTLES!!) and the...

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Family tree calligraphy and my convict ancestors

I spent about six months in 1994 drawing up this family tree for my mum. She had done all the research over many, many years, the slow and painstaking way, long before anyone dreamed up ancestry.com! It was before my now adult children were born. I worked Monday to...

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Standing up for my floral friend

I drew this a couple of months ago. I really enjoyed the process, the experimenting and then playfully adding polka dots just for the fun of it. I never shared it because there was such a mixed reaction from a few people - it is something you either love or hate...

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